The repository and toolbox for your taxonomies

When using Taxon Classifier it is convenient to have a central repository for your taxonomy. It ensures that there is an 'official' version of the taxonomy and everybody uses the same taxonomy across the organization.
If you are using external help TaxonHub offers you a place where you and the external consultants can work together on the same taxonomy. Again ensuring that there is only one official version.
On top of being a repository for taxonomies TaxonHub also offers a series of tools to build and maintain your taxonomy. The resulting taxonomy can be exported in the correct Taxon Classifier format ready for use.
The ownership of the taxonomy and all the changes is entirely yours. You can at any point extract all data in a well defined format.

What is Taxon Classifier

Taxon Classifier is a system for automated classification of texts.
It classifies emails, documents, PDFs, webpages, intranets, basically any kind of text.
The resulting classification can be used in automating processes, like mail distribution.
Taxon Classifier uses a taxonomy from TaxonHub.

How do I get an account

You can contact us and get a user name and password.